Welcome to the Expert Equation Programme - Discover How To Move From Expert to Authority!

If you are looking to transform your self from being an Expert to being an Authority in your Industry, then this is the right starting point!

*** John Colley has trained over 60,000 students with his Online Courses***

In this Course you will be introduced to the Six Step Expert Programme

  1. Introduction - Discover How to Create Your Own Online Courses 
  2. Course Planning
  3. Course Production
  4. Course Publication
  5. Course Promotion
  6. Platforms - From Expert to Authority

Discover in this Course:

  • Why you should create an Online Course
  • Why you should take advantage of my experience by investing in this Programme
  • What is the Udemy Online Market Place
  • Why Udemy is a great first place to publish your courses
  • Why you need a Course Creation Strategy
  • The Six Steps of the Expert Equation Programme are explained
  • What is the "Udemy Success Formula"
  • How to Avoid Key Mistakes!

The Course is Divided into the following Six Modules

  1. Module 1 - Discover How to Create Your Own Online Courses 
    1. Introduction
  2. Module 2 Planning Your Online Course
    1. Expert Identifier
    2. Topic Identifier
    3. Course Identifier
    4. Course Creation Exercise
  3. Module 3 - Production of Your Online Course
    1. Course Constructor Part 1
    2. Course Constructor Part 2
    3. Course Copywriter
    4. Course Blueprint
  4. Module 4 Publishing Your Online Course
    1. Course Publisher Part 1
    2. Course Publisher Part 2
    3. Pre-Launch
    4. Launch
    5. Post Launch
  5. Module 5 Promoting Your Online Course
    1. Course Promoter Part 1
    2. Course Promoter Part 2
    3. Course Promoter Part 3
  6. Module 6 Platforms From Expert to Authority
    1. Platforms, From Expert to Authority

Every Course in the Programme comes with:

  • A Live Recording of the Module taken from one of John's Seminars
  • A PDF of the Presentation Slide Deck

In addition you will find supporting materials including:

  • PDFs of Slide Decks
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Bullet Point Module Summaries

This course has been developed with YOU in mind. I share everything from my years of experience making online courses so that you avoid my mistakes and time wasting errors,

The  Ultimate Online Course Masterclass is a step by step detailed programme which will take you through the complex process of planning, publishing and selling amazing Online Courses!


  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to create hot business leads and get paid BY them to develop a business relationship with you
  • Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers and Experts who want to transform themselves to be recognised as Authorities in their Industries
  • Anyone seeking to generate leads by offering high quality training to your audiences and communities
  • Anyone seeking to develop an online business providing passive income in a scalable way - stop selling hours for dollars - start selling products!
  • Anyone who wants to discover how to create amazing training courses for their businesses or communities!


Do NOT put this off until tomorrow! Enrol now in the  Ultimate Online Course Masterclass, Invest in your future and transform yourself from a hidden Expert to a widely recognised Authority