Make Money With Online Courses - Part 1 Introduction and Part 2 Planning

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Discover the Road to becoming a recognised Expert!

This is your one time opportunity to enroll in both Part 1 Introduction and Part 2 Planning of my Make Money With Online Courses Programme

In these two courses you will discover:

Discover in this Course: Part 1 Introduction:

  • Why you should create an Online Course
  • Why you should take advantage of my experience by investing in this Programme
  • What is the Udemy Online Market Place
  • Why Udemy is a great first place to publish your courses
  • Why you need a Course Creation Strategy
  • The Six Steps of the Expert Equation Programme are explained
  • What is the "Udemy Success Formula"
  • How to Avoid Key Mistakes!

In Part 2 Planning you will discover:

  • How to Identify Your Expertise
  • How to select the best topics for your first Course
  • How to identify which is the first Course you should be making
  • How to create the outline of your First Course
  • The detailed BluePrint for your course making you ready to start production!

Step by Step you will move from head scratching indecision to a fully planned and outlined course!

Every Course in the Programme comes with:

  • A Core Introductory Video summarising all the major points
  • PDFs of Slide Decks
  • A wide range of detailed supporting videos detailing important aspects within each module
  • Bonus Audio Tracks from the Online Learning Podcasts
  • Checklists
  • Bullet Point Module Summaries

Make Money With Online Courses - Part 1 Introduction and Part 2 Planning includes these courses

Discover How to Create Your Own Online Courses
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Make Money with Online Courses 2 Planning Your Online Course
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